Why choose PVC edge banding?

High-quality environmental protection PVC edge banding trim makes life more excellent

“Details determine success or failure” fully illustrates the importance of the details, so as in our daily life things. As an indispensable item in our life, panel style furniture is directly determined by its details in edge banding.

PVC edge banding or other plastic Edge trim is mainly used for panel furniture edge protection and aesthetic purpose. The main component is polyvinyl chloride. Hot-melt adhesive is mainly used for bonding. The ordinary adhesive is generally used for manual paste. But with easy falling off in case of over-heated or temperature dropped sharply.

We can see some unevenness and slippery in the furniture edge trim is becoming more and more serious after years of wear out. Some furniture even only seals the visible edges and ignored the invisible edges. This seriously damages the furniture quality and our pursuit of art aesthetics.

Environmentally friendly and fashionable furniture has become the mainstream of the market, and the beautiful protective edge banding trip plays an important role in improving the quality of the furniture. Excellent physical properties are an important factor in the selection of edge banding, and its main role is also in the protection of furniture, waterproofing, and the release of closed harmful gases. PVC edge trim is just a small detail of furniture, but the high-quality edge banding exudes the aesthetic art and essence of furniture everywhere.

H.D.Plastics Capability for custom furniture edge banding?

Our Dongguan H.D.Plastic Factory is one of the high-quality manufacturers of environmentally friendly furniture edge banding or plastic edge trim for more than 10 years. We can extrude Rigid or Flexible PVC/UPVC/PVCu Sealing strip/edge trim/furniture edge bandings. These are widely used in roofing construction or office or furniture building materials.

Flexible vinyl edge trim in U shape or customized design is highly popular in our extrusion manufacturing.

The features of benefits of vinyl extrusion edge trim are including below

—- A rigid trim to conceal the finished edge on a finished profile;
—-A flexible top edge makes for a quick and easy fixing;
—-Low maintenance PVCu, just fit and forget;
—-Flexible color match and length cut.

If you are a furniture designer, we are happy to support you from material selection and specification, design support, prototyping, and full production.

We have a professional team with engineering and fabrication experience to help you in providing the one-stop service for your customized PVC edge banding trim.