Plastic U-Channel Extrusion Manufacturing

H.D.Plastics can extrude plastic U-channels and other different shapes of extrusion channels based on OEM fabrication. Multiple colors and lengths can be provided based on the requirement.  The function of Plastic U channel products: Plastic U channel can be used for capping, sliding track, and edging trim with multiple shapes.

Except those plastic U-Channel, we can also extrude other type of plastic channel parts as below.

  1. Rigid U shaped PVC channel type

The U-shaped PVC channel helps protect the edges of panel boards and furniture. The features of PVC U channel are Light-weight: Compared with other thermal plastic of plexiglass, PVC is much lighter, easy to install.

plastic U-channel

2. Custom Plastic L-Channel Extrusions. It is typically used for handrails, ornamental trim, and hardware, such as hinges and lock bodies.

PVC L channel

3. Plastic H-Channel Extrusions for various material selection or Co-extrusion, Rigid PVC; Polystyrene; Polypropylene; Polycarbonate; Acrylic; ABS.

PVC H Channel

4.  PVC plastic C-channel trim

C channel edge trim

As a reliable Plastic U-Channel supplier in China, we hope to support customer with their reseach and develpment of any plastic channel extrusion project. Our design experts can assist you in choosing the type of extrusion channel shapes and resin best suited for your product use.