H.D.Plastics is a leading PMMA lighting diffuser factory in China with a wide range of products extruded for LED, such as Frosted PMMA lens for lighting fixtures, LED Transparent Acrylic Diffuser Lens, Double Color Acrylic Diffuser Lighting tubes.  All those lighting diffusers are developed and extruded in our workshop.  The development takes more than 1 month from technical suggestions to prototype approval. 

In September, we got an inquiry with an Acrylic optic diffuser, the difficulty lies in the high transmittance of 96%. As we know the general transmittance rate of Acrylic plastics is 92%.

PMMA lighting diffuser PMMA lighting diffuser

In order to solve this, first, our engineer discussed with the customer for the working environment of the lighting and the light design. The transmittance is largely related to the lighting design. The customer sends us all the whole LED lighting boards. we make several levels of diffusion such as 3%, 5%, 6%, and test the lighting effects one by one. Even videos are provided for customers, so we can shortly define what level of diffusion required.

Usually, the lighting diffuser is developed with acrylic or polycarbonate. The difference between these two materials will be discussed in another chapter.

At H.D.Plastics, we work together with our customers and toward the ultimate goal of providing our customers with valuable plastic solutions that help their operations succeed.  Call Us Today for Your new custom project!