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How the Extrusion process affect the surface of the custom extruded plastic part?

The extrusion process is an important factor that affects the plasticization of the custom extruded plastics. The plasticity of the thermal plastic material directly affects the brightness of the product surface. So the expertise in controlling the extrusion processing is quite challenging for most of the extrusion fabrication.

  1. When the process temperature is low, the material is poorly plasticized, and the surface of the product is rough and dark; on the contrary, if the material has been plasticized or even decomposed with over-heated temperature, and the matte (light) yellow color will appear on the surface of the plastic profiles.
  2.  The extrusion speed and pressure are generally greatly affected by the extruder and the extrusion base dies. Different extrusion speeds often require corresponding adjustments to the extrusion temperature. Otherwise, if the speed is too slow and the material will decompose due to the longer residence time in the screw cylinder. It will also make the surface of the product appear yellow; if the speed is too fast, and the surface of the product will be bubbled because the excessive shear friction heat generated in the material cannot be discharged in time.

Therefore, in the extruding process, the reasonable setting and adjustment of processing temperature, extrusion speed and pressure is a key to ensure that the material is plasticized well, so as to obtain excellent quality and a smooth and delicate surface.

How does the processing temperature matter?

The process temperature of the extruder is usually divided into two parts:

  • Body temperature 
  • Die temperature

In the actual production process, the corresponding temperature is generally adjusted according to the plasticizing condition of the material and the brightness of the inner and outer surfaces of the plastic product. The temperature of the mold has a great influence on the surface quality of the product. Appropriately increasing the die temperature is conducive to improving the surface brightness of the product. Therefore, in the mold heating area of high-speed extrusion abroad, a heating system is generally set up separately in the forming section before the die exit, the purpose is to increase the temperature of the material at the time of export, make the appearance of the material smoother and more delicate, and increase the surface brightness of the product.

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