The features of Extruded PP extrusion parts

PP material (polypropylene) is a high density, no side chains, and also a high crystalline linear polymer. It has a very good overall performance in terms of performance which is reflected in the solvent resistance, oil resistance, resistance to weak acids and bases.

PP  material is more elastic than other hard rubber materials, so the density of extruded PP extrusion parts will increase as with the pressure. When the density of the plastic part increases, its tensile strength will naturally increase, and vice versa, it will decrease. Increasing the injection pressure can increase the tensile strength of PP profiles.

However, when the dense density increases to the maximum value of the PP profile itself, the tensile strength will not continue to increase if the pressure is increased but will increase the residual internal stress of the injection molded part, making it brittle. Other materials also have a similar situation, but the degree of obviousness will be different.

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