Co-extruded PVC extrusion profiles

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9 03, 2021

Design parameters for soft and rigid co-extruded profiles

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Soft and rigid co-extruded profiles Supplier Dongguan Hongda Plastic Products is a professional soft and rigid co-extruded profiles supplier. Our co-extrusion technology gives full play to the characteristics of different [...]

4 08, 2020

What are the co-extrusion plastic profile products-H.D.Plastics

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Generally speaking, co-extrusion plastic profile products can be divided into two categories:  co-extrusion plastic profile and co-extrusion non-plastic profile: At present, the widely used [...]

18 05, 2020

PVC Co-extrusion with rigid and flexible transparent PVC

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Recently we received an inquiry for transparent PVC Co-extrusion. The surface requirement is very high as below: Smooth, bright, and transparent surface with certain textures. Anti-aging, Resistant to acid. [...]