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Dongguan Hongda Plastic Products is a professional soft and rigid co-extruded profiles supplier. Our co-extrusion technology gives full play to the characteristics of different plastic materials and improves the performance of profiles with special requirements, such as moisture resistance, oxidation resistance, thermoforming and thermal bonding ability, good mechanical properties, etc., thus improving the quality of plastic profiles and reducing the cost.

There are several important key technologies including material selection, coextrusion modification technology, mold design technology, and process parameter design that can affect the soft and hard coextrusion molding.

What are the requirements for the design of co-extrusion process parameters?

Process parameters design: soft and hard co-extrusion temperature requirements are relatively harsh, especially the temperature of the extrusion die. If the extrusion dies temperature is too low, insufficient plasticization, hard material strength, and poor surface gloss; if the extrusion dies temperature is too high, the soft material melt viscosity is low (PVC material will also appear decomposition foam phenomenon), sticky mouth die more serious, and soft and hard co-extrusion blank tear strength significantly reduced. Therefore, soft and hard co-extrusion must be carefully studied and adjusted to the appropriate die process temperature. In addition, in the shaping stage, we need to pay attention to the size of the water curtain in the soft cavity and the relative position of the vacuum port, cooling temperature, vacuum degree, shaping length, traction speed, and other process parameters. Finally, it obtains suitable shaping parameters to ensure the stability of product molding.

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Dongguan Hongda Plastic Products is specialized in producing extruded plastic profiles, the main products are PVC cold extrusion, various (PVC, ABS, PP, PE, PC, PMMA, etc.) plastic extrusion profiles, pipes, and bars, PC lampshade, wire channel, PVC soft rubber strip, two-color co-extrusion, extrusion dies, etc.