H.D.Plastics is a prominent manufacturer and supplier for PVC-U plastic pipe and tubing by Extrusion Technology with more than 10 years of industrial experience.

What are PVC-U plastic pipes?

PVC-U plastic pipe is composed of amorphous thermoplastic resin made by polymerization of vinyl chloride and certain additives (such as stabilizer, lubricant, filler, etc.). In addition to additives, PVC-U plastic pipes are also blended and modified with other resins, making them of obvious practical value. These resins include CPVC, PE, ABS, EVA, MBS, etc. UPVC has a high melt viscosity and poor fluidity. Even if the injection pressure and melt temperature are increased, the change in fluidity is not still very low. In addition, the molding temperature of the resin is very close to the thermal decomposition temperature.  Lower temperature range makes it very difficult for the molding process.

The features of PVC-U plastic pipe:

The extruded PVCu tubes have excellent bending performance, good chemical corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, anti-aging, and temperature resistance.it can also withstand the heavy pressure without breaking which makes it bigger loading capacity compared with other thermal pipes

The application of PVC-U Plastic pipe:

PVC-U plastic pipe is light in weight, convenient for handling and loading, which can save construction costs. Since it has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance, so those PVC Pipes are widely used in the chemical industry, wastewater drainage, sanitary sewer, and other applications. The roughness coefficient is only 0.009, which is lower than other pipes. Under the same caliber, the flow rate is large, and no scale is attached. PVC pipe has good water pressure resistance and impact resistance. At normal temperature, PVC-U plastic pipe is suitable for piping under various conditions, such as wire sleeves, decorative sleeves, suitable for the transportation of liquids and oils, protection of power cords, protection of automobile wiring harnesses, automatic instruments, etc.

Another prominent feature-Good electrical insulation

PVC-U plastic pipe has excellent electrical insulation, suitable for wire and cable conduits, and can be widely used in telecommunications, power piping, and building wire piping. The results of the dissolution test confirmed that the water quality does not affect, and there is no disadvantage of “red water”. It is currently the best pipe material for tap water piping.

Good water-soluble: PVC-U plastic pipe has good water tightness regardless of the combination of a loop socket or TS socket. Although it has been equipped with water pressure piping for many years, there is no risk of water leakage at a lower cost.