Recently we have encountered a new project with PVC extrusion. The background is an outdoor application for the battery system, it required color stability. As an outstanding PVC profile extrusion supplier, we have material resin formula according to the specific application background. The color stabilization will be added prior to extrusion manufacturing.

PVC profile extrusion supplier
PVC profile extrusion company
PVC profile extrusion company

Stabilizers are added to polyvinyl chloride resin, mainly to prevent or alleviate the decomposition of PVC resin during high-temperature plasticization. During the use of PVC extrusion products, the light and oxygen in the environment cause chemical changes. , And change the performance of the PVC plastic profile, shorten the service life of the PVC product; in addition, adding this stabilizer to the resin before processing will also reduce the difficulty of processing the molded product of the PVC resin.

PVC profile extrusion manufacturing with stabilizer:

(1) It can suppress or prevent the degradation of PVC resin and prolong the service life of products.

(2) Ability to absorb ultraviolet rays or shield ultraviolet rays from damage to the resin.

(3) It has a certain anti-oxidation effect to prevent the degradation of plastic products from discoloration.

(4) When added to the mixture mainly made of PVC resin, it should not chemically react with other additives and does not affect the performance of the product.

(5) Stabilizers are classified according to their functions and can be divided into heat stabilizers, antioxidants, and light stabilizers

Technical support

Our engineer can modify the material properties by adding functional additives to achieve high features such as anti-aging properties, UV resistance, corrosion-resistant, high strength. In that way, the plastic PVC extrusion profile can partially replace aluminum profiles, steel, and so on

We can also support you with an additional surface treatment such as printed, coated, or made into a variety of colors.