In order to increase production efficiency and meet the rising market demand after the epidemic, we purchased one set of twin-screw extruder #Z65.  The production capacity can reach 450kgs/hour. It greatly improved our overall efficiency.

The plastic extrusion industry is in an increasingly higher demand for PVC extrusion manufacturing year by year: Excellent quality, maximum flexibility, and increased cost-efficiency. We need to update our extrusion equipment with the highest level to meet the market needs. With this twin-screw extruder, our production line can satisfy all these requirements to fulfill the optimum profile extrusion.

Twin-screw extrusion is a more flexible and versatile process than single screw extrusion. Since twin-screw extruders cost significantly more than single-screw extruders, twin-screw extrusion is justified by its increased capability and flexibility to accomplish projects and objectives that can’t be done with single screw extrusion.

The highlights of this newly-bought twin extruder with the conical processors can benefit from high process flexibility and permanent process stability thanks to long process units.

1)  Excellent profile quality combined with high production flexibility

2)  Improved melt homogeneity thanks to a long process unit

3)  Higher specific throughput and output rate thanks to a longer pre-heating zone;

4)  High cost-efficiency thanks to the long service life of the processing unit, even with high output rates

5)  Optimum design for high demands: High-performance extrusion for maximum cost-efficiency

6)  Powerful gearbox; robust and compact design to ensures low maintenance costs and a long service life

The application area of the twin extruder production mainly

  1. Cable ducts-PVC profile;
  2. Window profiles in single and co-extrusion processing;
  3. PVC Foam Profiles
  4. Secondary chamber/multi-chamber profiles
  5. Door and shutter profile
  6. Special custom-built extrusion solutions

We can choose the cost-effective extrusion solution for your OEM plastic part with an exceptionally cost-effective system. The twin-screw extruder is s characterized by high output rates. It takes a powerful gearbox to apply the high screw torque reliably. We have used precisely such a gearbox that has a compact, robust, and low-vibration design and is oriented precisely and rigidly to the processing unit. It is designed to absorb external forces and backpressure forces from the screw. It also provides easy access to the screw couplings and the screw shaft seals.

PVC two color coextrusion