The extrusion is based on an extruder with a design of cylinder and screws appropriate to the type of material to be extruded. The extruder is essential for the production of  Extruded PVC profiles and Pipe and also is an important factor in ensuring product quality and improving production efficiency.

The extruder is equipped with a dosing device that allows the extrusion volume to be matched with the dosing volume to ensure stable extrusion of the product. Due to the characteristics of the conical screw, the charging section has a larger diameter, which is conducive to the plasticization of the material as the heat transfer area and shear rate are relatively large, while the small diameter of the metering section of the screw reduces the heat transfer area and a shear rate of the melt, enabling the melt to be extruded at a lower temperature.

When the screw rotates in the barrel, it plasticizes the mixed material of the PVC profile and pushes it to the head, thus achieving compaction, melting, and mixing homogenization; and achieving the purpose of exhausting and dewatering. The feeding device and the screw drive device are frequency-controlled and can be synchronized.

The extrusion die head is the key component of PVC profile forming, which pushes the compacted, melted, and homogenized PVC and subsequent materials through the screw to the die head for product shaping and quality control.

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