As an engineering plastic, PVC profile, we hope that it has good toughness and rigidity. When improving the toughness of the PVC material, we should also try to increase the rigidity. Generally adding elastic additives can increase toughness, adding inorganic fillers can increase rigidity. The most effective method is to combine the toughening of the elastomer with the reinforcement of the filler. Poor impact resistance is a performance defect of some important plastics in the industry. Such as PVC, PS, PP, etc., especially at low temperatures, it makes PVC with limited application due to its low impact resistance.

At H.D Plastics, we encountered many custom application which required high impact resistance with PVC extrusions. The low impact resistance can be greatly improved by adding “impact modifiers”.

Although the impact modifier can improve the impact strength of the product, it has a bad effect on other mechanical strengths. If MBS is added to PVC extrusion processing, its tensile strength and bending strength will be reduced. The addition of ACR will also reduce the tensile strength, hardness, and Vicat heat resistance of HPVC-high molecular weight PVC profiles. The addition of CPE also reduces the tensile strength, bending strength, and Vicat softening point of the blend. Therefore, when using impact modifiers, other properties must be taken into consideration, and a more suitable dosage must be determined after comprehensive consideration and evaluation.

H.D.Plastics can extrude PVC Profiles with custom specific working conditions request by customers. Welcome to inquiry for your personalized project

PVC Engineering Plastic Profile by Customization