Customized White Plastic PVC Panel profile – Toughness and Rigidity combination

Recently we encountered a new project in automobile-White PVC plastic parts. After studying the design draft, we get to know this White PVC panel profile need to use cold extrusion technology.

As in the last chapter, we talked about the advantage and disadvantages of that cold extrusion process. Sure it has enough rigidity. But for those sharp corners, it is easily got broken.

As engineering plastics, we want our plastic products to be both tough and rigid at the same time. When improving the toughness of the PVC panel profile, we should also seek to increase its rigidity. Generally, the addition of elastomers increases toughness, and the addition of inorganic fillers increases stiffness.
The most effective method is to combine the toughening of the elastomer with the strengthening of the filler.

Poor impact resistance is a performance defect of some important plastics parts. For example, PVC, PS, PP, etc., their application is limited by their low impact resistance, especially at low temperatures. However, in thermoplastics, their impact resistance can be greatly improved by adding ‘impact modifiers’. There are many varieties of impact modifiers, including ACR-acrylate resins, MBS-methyl methacrylate-butadiene-styrene copolymer, CPE-chlorinated polyethylene, abs, EVA, EPT-EPDM, etc.

From the modification of plastic products, ACR is the best comprehensive performance, MBS is an important impact modifier of transparent PVC panel products.

Although the impact modifier can improve the impact strength, the other mechanical strength has an adverse impact. The addition of ACR will also reduce the tensile strength, hardness, and Vicat heat resistance of HPVC-high molecular weight PVC, while the addition of CPE will also reduce the tensile strength, bending strength, and Vicat softening point of the blends. Therefore, when using impact modifiers in our new White PVC panel profile manufacturing, it is important to take other properties into account with the consideration of the appropriate dosage.

H.D. plastics is an integrated engineering and manufacturing solution provider focusing on Customized Extruded Plastic Profiles & Plastic Tubing. We will use the cold extrusion with proper impact modifiers to balance the mechanical features of Toughness and Rigidity.