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H.D. Plastics offers tailor-made PVC Hollow Square Tubing and Pipes based on customized drawings. We can manufacture the personalized, specialty tubing your project requires. You can get our full engineering support based on specific working environments or conditions such as -20 degree temperatures for PVC extrusions. We can also support you with an additional surface treatment such as printed, coated, or made into a variety of colors.

Our engineer can modify the material properties by adding functional additives to achieve high features such as anti-aging properties, UV resistance, corrosion-resistant, high strength. In that way, the plastic PVC extrusion profile can partially replace aluminum profiles, steel, and so on

PVC Hollow rectangular tube

PVC Hollow Rectangular Tube

Dark extruded hollow profile housing for audio

PVC Extrusion Hollow Profile Housing for Battery

Custom PVC hollow square tubing

Custom PVC hollow Square Tubing

Custom PVC hollow square tubing

Custom PVC hollow Rectangular Bar

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Customized your PVC extrusion for hollow square tubing | rectangular tube | rectangular bar

  • Product name: PVC square Hollow tubing and profile
  • Sectional shape: porous rectangle                                                                              rectangular tubing extrusion
  • Use: Panel
  • Material: PVC, UPVC
  • Appearance: flat profile
  • Outer diameter: 5-100mm, etc. (Some diameters have molds without mold opening)
  • Wall thickness: 2mm
  • Length: unlimited, can be customized
  • Customized processing: OEM customizable for shape, color, length, surface
  • Prototyping: Sample made to drawings, the mold fee can be refunded for a certain amount after placing the order

If you require something different, we would love to discuss your requirements

Why Choose H.D.Plastics as Your Rigid and Flexible PVC Plastic Extrusion Hollow Tubing Manufacturer?

100% Customizable Extrusion Profiles and Tubing

H.D.Plastics offers tailor-made Plastic Extrusion Profiles and Tubing including PVC,ABS, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, and more to meet the personal needs of our customers’ projects.

In-house R&D of Extrusion Mold to Lowest Cost

With our in-house mold shop, we can provide free mold design and life-time mold maintenance which also shortens the lead-time & guarantee the part quality of the extrusion manufacturing.

100% Raw Material Incoming Quality Check

We take strict quality control checks and test for thermal plastic resin bought from the premier suppliers before mass production as the most and foremost step to guarantee the high quality of the finished plastic profiles.

On-Time and Safe Delivery

H.D.Plastics carries out continuous weekly production status reports and professional logistic service to make sure timely arrival of your plastic extrusion parts to support your production without delay.

Guaranteed Quality- Refund within Warranty Period

We strictly follow customers’ specific requirements and assure quality guarantee with a refund within Warranty. Specified qualification tests for Water Proof, Moisture-Proof, Fire Proof, or other chemical lab tests can be provided upon request.

Superior Customer Service

Our professional sales team provides 24/7 Online to support your business. Also, we provide regular training on sales team for professional prompt answers by Calls or Emails with fluently English to comfort customers’ worries for long-distance or product issues.

Production Workshop

Office for H.D.Plastic profiles


Production Line

Production Line

Product Testing

Product Testing

plastic u channel molding

Mould Design

Mould For Production

Machining Technology

Machining Technology

Packing & Shipment


Standard Full Container Loading

plastic extrusion profiles (2)

Professional Loading For Exporting

Size 135(L) * 110(W) * 180(H)
Pallet Fumigated Solid For Exportong
Packaing Details 1.The Normal Package Is Carton Box
2.Loading Pallet
3.PE Film And Belt Protecting Outside
4.Shipping Mark On Pallet Surface
5.Customer Order Details And Size
plastic extrusion profiles (3)
plastic extrusion profiles (4)

Good Tight Package