PVC extrusion Processing Manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer for PVC Extrusion, our plastic extrusion factory can provide 100% customizable PVC extrusion processing profiles with a wide range of plastic shapes. With more than 10 years of extrusion technology and industrial experience, our R&D team can adjust proper material formulas according to a specific application environment by adding functional additives such as stabilizers. The main purpose of adding stabilizers to PVC resin is to prevent or alleviate the decomposition of this resin during the high-temperature plasticization process, and during the use of the PVC extrusion product after molding, the light and oxygen in the environment will act on it and cause chemical changes, which will change the performance of this total product and shorten the service life of the product; in addition, the resin is added to this stabilizer before processing, which will also reduce the difficulty of PVC resin processing and molding products.

The main functions of Stabilizer in PVC extrusion processing:

(1) be able to suppress or prevent the degradation of the resin to extend the service life of the product.

(2) can absorb ultraviolet light or shield the damage of ultraviolet light to the resin.

(3) have a certain antioxidant effect, to prevent the degradation of PVC extrusion plastic products discoloration.

(4) added to the PVC resin-based mixture, should not occur with other additives chemical reaction, does not affect the performance of the PVC product.

(5) can be divided into heat stabilizers, antioxidants, and light stabilizers

Our PVC Extrusion Capability

Our factory can support you with both rigid and flexible PVC extrusion profiles in multiple materials, or co-extruded PVC (a single profile having a rigid and a flexible section.