PVC Extrusion Capability

Profile extrusions are typically used for windows, doors, siding and are typically made by PVC in Mono or Co-extrusion application. The main flexible PVC extrusion products are including PVC angle trim, U channel, PVC Co-extrusion, PVC Corner profile, and other PVC extruded shapes by custom design.

PVC Extrusion Process is quite easy to understand.  There are basic 6 steps as below:

1. Weigh-Scale Blender-Total control of the raw material weight. High consistent accuracy on every material portion within ±0.1 tolerance according to the formula. The material flow rate is continuously monitored and each batch is followed by a correction routine to deliver perfect dispense.

2.  Hopper-Quick filling of the hopper is critical to ensure uniformity of the process-the cold and hot high-speed mixing hopper. The temperature of the hot mixing and discharging material is about 120 ℃, and the temperature of the cold mixing and discharging material is about 40 ℃. When feeding, PVC resin should be added first, wait until the temperature rises to about 60 ℃, then add stabilizers, when the temperature rises to about 80 ℃, you can add modifiers, lubricants, brighteners, The toughening agent, flame retardant and other auxiliary agents have been strengthened. When the temperature is increased to about 110 ℃, the whitening agent and filler can be added;

3. Die–As the plastic granules move along the screw, they melt and are forced through a die which is located at the end of the barrel. The die contains the cross-section of the pipe and profile of the extrusion Placing a pin or mandrel inside the die extrudes hollow sections.

4. Vacuum- The use of a sufficient vacuum in the vacuum box achieves proper profile.  It should be kept low enough to prevent dragging on the sizing sleeve to eliminate chatter marks.

5. Cooling–After the pipe and profile exit the vacuum chamber, it is channeled into a water bath, which contains sizing formers and guides, to expedite the cooling.
The extruded product is cooled to maintain integrity so it doesn’t lose shape, shrink, or distort prior to haul-off and cutting.

6. Gauging- Automatically measure and control all aspects of your dimensional process to hold the extrusion within a set tolerance limit to meet exact customer requirements.  Tolerances are checked and operators are alerted when the extrusion is going out of specification.

The benefits of flexible PVC extrusion:

  • Low cost per part.
  • The flexibility of operation.
  • Post execution alterations are easY
  • Continuous operation.
  • High production volumes.

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