H.D. plastics is an integrated engineering and manufacturing solution provider focusing on PVC Extruded Plastic Profiles & Plastic Tubing since 2010.  We have 3 processing for PVC Extrusion: Hot Extrusion, Cold Extrusion, Co-Extrusion. We will analyze the benefits and disadvantages of each extrusion technology.

PVC hot extrusion

pvc holt extrusionPVC hot extrusion is also called PVC vacuum adsorption molding extrusion, that is, the entire mold is divided into a die, a setting die (also a vacuum die), and the PVC material reaches the die through the screw, and then is cooled by the setting die. The advantages of PVC hot extrusion are high processing efficiency and low processing cost; but the disadvantage is that for PVC profiles with large complexity and high dimensional precision, the molding effect is general, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of external dimension tolerances. Suitable for general PVC round pipe and PVC square pipe.

PVC cold extrusion

PVC cold extrusion is also called PVC cold-top extrusion (or PVC hard-top extrusion). The mold has only a die and does not require a vacuum setting mold. The PVC is transferred to the die through the screw and is directly cooled by the water tank. Its advantage is that the molding effect is good. For difficult and precise PVC profile products, it is easier to meet customer requirements, and the development cost (ie mold cost) of PVC cold extrusion products is relatively low; but PVC hardtop The disadvantage of the extrusion process is low processing efficiency. Suitable for difficult PVC profile extrusion products.

PVC soft and rigid co-extrusion or PVC two-color co-extrusion

PVC soft and rigid co-extrusion or PVC twoPVC two color coextrusion-color co-extrusion, that is, the main and auxiliary machines are fed at the same time, and the PVC extrusion profile product can have two PVC materials with different hardness (or two PVC materials with different colors). PVC soft and hard co-extrusion (two-color co-extrusion) is mainly used in supermarket price tags, shelf signs, PVC decorative strips, and other products.

We will adopt the suitable PVC extrusion processes according to the design of the plastic product to meet the mechanical requirements and optimize the cost.