Recently we received an inquiry for transparent PVC Co-extrusion. The surface requirement is very high as below:

  • Smooth, bright, and transparent surface with certain textures.
  • Anti-aging, Resistant to acid.
  • Resistant to pressure.
  • No crack bubbles.
  • Long service life.

Also, it needs Co-extrusion with different Shore hardness that is called rigid and flexible coextrusion.

For the success of Co-extrusion, the most important is to choose the right thermal plastic resin. We asked our supplier base to find the transparent PVC with the right Shore A 80  and 30 plus engineering analysis on the extrusion process.

This project is from Europe, the business is recovered step by step, so we are catching this opportunity to push our business forward.

Generally speaking, PVC Co-extrusion is very common in many applications, so this project for us is not a difficult task.

The advantage of PVC Co-extrusion by H.D.Plastics:

  1. we have more than 10 years of extrusion manufacturing experience, so we know how to choose the suitable resin system to meet customer’s mechanical features
  2. We have a lower extrusion tool cost since the mold is designed by our director we know the technology of extrusion part and understand how to make the most economic tool without the sacrifice of the extrusion product quality
  3.  Our Integrity and working philosophy. Through all our business activities, we know how to do things right for the first time. Being honest with every detail regarding customer requirements.
  4. We are discussing with the customer regarding the extrusion mold design and payment terms.

With our full capability in Co-extrusion technology, we are confident to provide the best quality Co-Extrusion Plastic Products and Co-extrusion Tubing with custom requests.

PVC Coextrusion profile
two Color PVC coextrusion
Co-extruded PVC plastic extrusion profile