H.D. Plastics is a trustworthy manufacturer for the PVC channel extrusion part. We provide a wide array of different shaped extruded channel parts per customer request.

What is the function of the Extruded PVC Channel?

PVC channel is made by plastic extrusion, which uses a high-volume manufacturing process through which raw plastic is melted and formed into a continuous profile shape, such as J channel shape, E channel shape, PVC z channel, PVC e channel, PVC roofing trim channel and so on. Most of those PVC channels can be used for capping, sliding track, and edging PVC wiring channeltrim with multiple shapes.

Today we will introduce the wiring trunking channel, also called the PVC wiring Channel for electrical wiring. They are available in a wide range to accommodate wires and cables for the smallest wall-mounted panel to larger integrated systems.

They are made by high impact rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Solid PVC Channels provide overall cable protection in panels.

In the modern home building, people are seeking such building material to make more aesthetics of their interior decoration.

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PVC I ChannelPVC L channel

Except for those PVC channel extrusion parts, we can also provide Acrylic Channel for LED lighting strip, HDPE channels, ABS Extrusion Channel for capping, PC channel for display edges, and so on.