Is PVC suitable for the hydroponics channel?

H.D.Plastics is a reliable manufacturer for PVC channel extrusion, including H channel, U channel, I Channel. In recent days we are now developing a rigid PVC channel for hydroponics farming.

Material type for PVC hydroponics channel: Proper UV stabilized food grade PVC  or Food grade HDPE. The faceplate gutter with the punched square holes for the vegetation holder. The reason for choosing the PVC for the hydroponics channel is even safe for drinking water pipes.

It will helpful for low carbon agriculture development. PVC hydroponics channel extrusion parts such as faceplate, gutter as well as those pipes are developed to grow plants, make our diet more healthy.vertical farming PVC hydroponics channel

As a PVC hydroponics channel extrusion manufacturer, our full engineering team can support the customer with a new hydroponics system with a manageable cost plan.