Project Description

extruded square PVC Tube
sqaure PP tubing

Custom Extruded Square PVC Tube Manufacturer

H.D.Plastics provide a wide variety of PVC tube and pipes to customers, in standard diameters, lengths, and colors to meet the requirements of your application.

Our Main Extrusion Tubing include: Custom PVC Pipe, Custom ABS Tubing, Custom Polyethylene & Polycarbonate Tubing, and etc

Materials 1), Flexible Tubing: Polyurethane, PVC, LDPE,

2), Semi-Rigid Tubing: PP and HDPE

3), Rigid Tubing: Polycarbonate, UPVC, ABS, high impact polystyrene HIPS and Acrylic

Colors Transparent, Semi-translucent, Opaque, or Custom Color
Shapes Round, Oval, Square, Rectangular, Triangular
Sizes Custom
Other 1), Cut to length

2), Logo Printing

3), Hole punching

4), Surface painting