Project Description

PVC plastic extrusion door strip and PVC rolling door profile with PVC extrusion dies opening

Product Information

Product NamePVC plastic extrusion door strip

PVC rolling door profile

Sectional shapeshutter door strip 
Usesplastic building materials, etc.
MaterialPVC, UPVC, PVC Foam
AppearanceMatt White, Grey, Color
PrototypesOpening mold to make samples, mold fee can be refunded after certain order amount
TechnologyExtrusion or Co-extrusion
Outer diameter5-100mm, etc. (Some diameters have existing molds without mold opening)
Wall thicknesscan be customized (all general specifications are available)
Lengthunlimited, customized cut

PVC door profile Features:

PVC profile is one of the widely used plastic materials, and it is an amorphous material. Non-flammability, high strength, weather resistance, and very good geometric stability. It has a strong resistance to oxidants, reducing agents, and strong acids.

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