Project Description

H.D.Plastics is a leading extrusion specialist for PVC extruded Profiles and Pipes in China for more than 10 years of industrial experience.

What is the plastic extrusion process?

Profile extrusion is the process of forming long continuous shapes by extrusion. Profile extrusion can range from hollow forms as well as solid forms. This process is suitable for manufacturing products such as tubing, window frames and vehicle door seals. If two or more materials are used to make a product, the co-extrusion process is used.

Why Plastic Extrusion is becoming a popular technology?

Low Cost: Compared to other molding processes, plastic extrusion molding has a low cost and is more efficient. The extrusion molding process uses thermoplastics and they undergo repeatedly melting and hardening, this allows the waste to be reused rather than be discarded. Plastic extrusion machines operate continually to improve the volume productivity.
Better Flexibility: Extrusion molding will provide considerable flexibility in the products being manufactured with a consistent cross-section. As long as the cross-section stays the same, the extrusion molding can produce complex shapes. Minor alteration to the plastic extrusion process the manufacturers can use it for plastic sheets or produce products that mix plastic attributes.
After Extrusion Alterations: Plastics remain hot when they are removed from the extruder and this allows for post-extrusion manipulations.

How about the PVC  Extruded parts?

PVC, abbreviation for polyvinyl, vinyl. The cost of PVC thermal plastic is comparatively lower. By adding related additives and stability Agents and auxiliary materials, H.D.Plastics can extrude different shapes of structural shapes (plastic PVC channel, PVC trim, PVC corner protector), tubes and pipes, and rods of various cross-sections by Co-extrusions.

There are 3 main advantage with PVC extrusion products:

First: Light-weight:  Compared with other thermal plastics of plexiglass , PVC is much lighter ,easy to install.

Second, strong plasticity, it is volatile after heating or pressing, and can be formed into various shapes by extruded processing.

Third, Corrosion resistant and Tough Construction.

PVC extrusion is our core business. We accept OEM custom extrusion project

Size Customized
Color White, Ashy, Brown, Wooden laminated, etc.
Material PVC