Project Description

Extruded plastic PVC cylindrical profile with snap buckle movable profile

Product Information

Product Name PVC cylindrical profile /PVC buckle movable profile /Customized pvc composite profile
Sectional shape Cylindrical Round
Uses plastic building materials, etc.
Appearance smooth round
Prototypes Opening mold to make samples, mold fee can be refunded after certain order amount
Technology Extrusion or Co-extrusion
Outer diameter 5-100mm, etc. (Some diameters have existing molds without mold opening)
Wall thickness can be customized (all general specifications are available)wooden rolling shutters, it will not cause expansion or adhesion problems due to humidity.
Length unlimited can be customized
Profile Extrusion Engineering

H.D.Plastics can extrude profiles, pipe or tubing, weatherstripping, fencing, deck railings, window frames. All can be customized per custom request by single or co-extrusion technology.

PVC cylindrical profilePVC buckle movable profile 

Extruded plastic PVC cylindrical profile

PVC cylindrical profile

PVC buckle movable profile

Customized PVC composite profile