Project Description

H.D.Plastics- Your trusted Plastic PVC H Profile Supplier

H.D.Plastic is focusing on big and complex plastic H profile.

  1. Custom-made plastic PVC extrusion.
  2. Can extrude: PVC/uPVC/CPVC etc.
  3. Can extrude single extrusion, co-extrusion.
  4. Material: rigid material, soft material, rigid material+flexible material co-extruded.
  5. Product range: roller shutter, refrigerator plastic frame, windows and door frame, shutter.
PVC H Profile
PVC H Profile

We can support your complex and big Plastic H profile or other extruded PVC parts

  1. 100% in-house tooling design and processing to save the tooling cost and lead time.
  2.  15 extrusion lines to meet your mass production.
  3.  Can extrude complex and big size plastic profiles.
PVC H profiles
PVC profile H
PVC H profiles