Project Description

PVC pedal connection profile PVC plastic connection fitting profile

Product Information

Product Name PVC Extrusion Processing PVC pedal connection profile /PVC plastic connection fitting profile
Sectional shape  L-shaped 
Uses plastic building materials, etc.
Material PVC, CPVC, UPVC, PVC Foam
Appearance Black ,Grey, White
Prototypes Opening mold to make samples, mold fee can be refunded after certain order amount
Technology Extrusion or Co-extrusion
Outer diameter 32x12mm
Wall thickness 4mm
Length unlimited, customized cut
Feature Flame retardant, high heat resistance, high impact resistance, scratch resistance, no expansion or adhesion problems caused by humidity
Application market   Kitchen and bathroom storage, entertainment center/

  Residential and wardrobe storage, retail store fixtures/

  Contract furniture, recreational vehicles and boats, office furniture, etc.

PVC Material:

high-quality PVC raw materials, non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, and resistant to aging and fading. Surface hardness, scratch resistance is higher than wood, not easy to deform, good dimensional stability, low noise, can reduce 6-14 decibels, and is more conducive to control the noise generated when walking. 


PVC pedal connection profile
PVC plastic connection fitting profile
PVC plastic connection fitting profile