Project Description

lampshade plastics profiles forLighting Industry

We produce lighting profiles like led strips, profile covers, ceiling lights, diffusers, etc.

The led and lighting extrusion profiles are manufactured with high-quality polymer materials like PMMA (Acrylic) and PC (polycarbonate).

We have attained quite mature technology in producing PC lampshade and PMMA lampshade in such fields.

  • Color acrylic extrusion profile for led light housing tube;
  • Polycarbonate Co-extrusion LED Light profile for Infrared led light;
  • Acrylic profile for lamp cover
  • Polycarbonate led light housing

Here We Would Like to Introduce Some Of  the Techniques:

  • The production of PC lampshades is mainly made by adding light diffusing agents (CaCO3, SiO2, BaSO4) and additives to PC and PMMA. After extrusion, it is formed into PC and PMMA unit boards with a preset thickness.

  • The extrusion temperature of PC and PMMA profile or tubing is about 270-300 degrees.

  • The unit plate can be combined into a light diffusion plate with high light transmittance, high light diffusivity (uniform light emission), heat resistance, no deformation, light weight and thinner for acrylic or polycarbonate extrusion products.