Project Description

plastic profile extrusion companies

H.D.Plastics extruded profiles and gaskets are also widely used in home appliances for washing, drying,cooling and cooking on  the consideration of cost deduction and energy efficiency compared with the metal material.

With the most updated extrusion technology, those extrusion parts can reach the effects of acoustic performance and reduction of the energy consumption.

Such Profiles Extrusion Parts We Can Provide With High Quality:

  • Gaskets For Refrigerators

  • Sealing Gaskets

  • Frames

  • External Profiles

  • Profiles For Shelves

  • Sealing Profiles

With the continuous development of chemical building materials in China, PVC doors and windows have been widely used,
showing the broad prospects of the market, and there has been a strong demand on the production, sales and use of plastic extrusion parts.

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