Project Description

plastic fences by extrusion process

Plastic Profiles and Sealing Strips Supplier for the door and window frames

H.D.Plastics is a premier plastic profiles and sealing strips supplier for the door and window frames and other furniture decorative extrusion components with good function of thermal and acoustic insulation effects.

We usually choose ASA extrusion, UPVC extrusion, PP extrusion since the raw material need to have good features of insulating, non-deformable, impact-resistant, weldable, and recyclable. Below are the hottest extrusion from our valuable customers.

  • uPVC window profile
  • uPVC window frame profiles
  • Extruded PVC channel or angle
  • U channel extruded plastic profiles
  • ABS Plastic c channel
  • Extruded plastic channel profiles
  • Polypropylene extrusion for door sealing
  • Plastic c channel for window building plastics

The Features Of uPVC extrusion Profiles for doors and furniture:

  • High Insulating Thermal And Acoustic Sealing

  • Good Mechanical Properties

  • Low Shrinkage Coefficient

  • Water And Humidity Resistant

  • Easy To Assemble

  • Durable-UV Resistance

  • Recyclable

When you have a requirement in this field, our engineering team can help you to choose the suitable material and make chemical tests of those functions during the sample stage. We are waiting for your inquiry. please contact us.

As part of our quality control program for the custom uPVC extrusions for doors and frames, we have procedures in place to support and supply you with all necessary technical documentation, including drawings, schematics, material property reports, tooling specifications and so on, to make sure the quality highly exceeding your expectation.