Project Description

Custom Extruded U channel Edging Trim

H.D.Plastics can provide both rigid and flexible Co-Extruded U channel Edging trim with different color and thickness such as black or thin u channel edge with great mechanical features of insulation, salt-resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance. Some of the most common for example are U channel framings for protection the edge corner purpose.

U Channels are often used for quick and easy fabrication of custom edge protectors and are often combined with other extruded parts to be assembled together. We can also make other channel shapes such as F channel extrusion, plastic H channel extrusion, and PVC I channels.

Some guidelines for pre-extrusion processing on the different resins for channel extrusion.

Some resin systems must be dried prior to extrusion to eliminate polymer degradation due to moisture. Other resins, which do not normally require drying, may have to be dried if they are stored in a cold warehouse and brought into a warm environment, causing moisture to condense on the surface of the pellets, flake, or powder. Once the polymer or blend is properly dried and ingredients mixed, the formulation is fed to the extruder, where it is melted, mixed, and delivered to the die to shape the extrudate. After exiting the die, the product is cooled and solidified in the desired shape and pulled away from the extruder at constant velocity to attain the appropriate cross-section

Production Information about the Extruded U Channel Edging trim

Extruded U channel Edging trim
Product Name: Extruded U channel Edging trim
Material: PVC or ABS, PC, PP as per custom
Size & Color: All can be customized as per requirement or original samples
MOQ: 1000 Meters
Technology: Extrusion and Co-extrusion or Cold extrusion
Delivery Time: 7 working days for mass production, 15 working days for mold building and prototypes
Payment: TT/Western union / Paypal
Package: PP bag,Standard carton with pallet or wood container