Project Description


Plastic Extrusion For Construction Applications:

H.D. Plastics have provided many extruded plastic products for various commercial and road construction projects.
We are very cautious on selecting the suitable raw materials to meet the function for thermal insulation for those profiles according to requirements of each individual project. The extruded Plastic profiles for building and construction can be utilized in new constructions, infrastructures like roads, bridges, aqueducts, tunnels, and other works.

With the Extrusion Process, tt Is also possible to produce the Following Plastic Profiles For Building And Construction:

  • Plastic Tubing

  • Rolling Shutters

  • PVC Rolling Shutters

  • PVC Shutters

  • Plastic Pipes

With the continuous development of chemical building materials in China, PVC doors and windows have been widely used, showing the broad prospects of the market, and there has been a strong demand on the production, sales and use of plastic extrusion parts. If you have project on construction profiles, please contact us.