H.D.Plastics is a trustworthy polycarbonate profile Supplier to provide frosted or opal or clear transparent LED lighting lampshade covers since 2010 with a fully customized extrusion process designed to meet your specifications in the length, diameter, and color. Polycarbonate two-color co-extrusion profile has excellent light transmittance, good heat resistance, and high mechanical strength in a wide temperature range.

The main features of diffused polycarbonate profile manufacturing

     1. High-temperature resistance:

The decomposition temperature of the outdoor used PC lampshade lighting cover is above 300℃, and its wide range of working temperatures can be as high as 120℃. At the same time, it has outstanding cold resistance, the embrittlement temperature is as low as -100℃, and its long-term use temperature range is -60℃- 120°C. polycarbonate profile Supplier

  2. Creep resistance in high-temperature:

The creep resistance of PC is quite good among those engineering thermoplastics, even better than nylon and polyoxymethylene. The scale change and cold flow deformation caused by water absorption is relatively small. This is an important sign of its excellent dimensional stability.

  3. Long-life for polycarbonate profile lampshade cover:

The anti-aging resistance function is very superior for Polycarbonate. If the film is placed in the air and heated for a long time, its function will change a little bit.

  4. Economy:

Due to the improvement of pressure resistance, pipeline applications can be upgraded to 1-3 grades, and the wall thickness of pipes and fittings can be reduced accordingly. 13% of the material can be saved. As a leading polycarbonate profile opal lampshade cover supplier in Dongguan, we are always dedicated to helping our customers to reduce the manufacturing cost to quickly take the market.

       5. The test for polycarbonate profiles diffused lampshade cover.

1.Salt mist test,
2.Extreme environment test
3.Anti-yellowing in outdoor exposure test.
4.Aging test
5.Transmittance measuring/Luminous flux measuring.
6.Flame Retardance:UL94/V2/V0

Warranty: 3 year
Body Material: Aluminum, Polycarbonate (PC)
Body Colour: White
Customized: Yes
Colour: Milky, Clear, Milky with strip, Clear with the strip

H.D.Plastics- Professional PC Plastic Extrusion Factory for LED Lighting profile diffused lampshade.

Dongguan H.D. Plastics Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It is a professional manufacturer of R&D, production, and sales of plastic extrusion profiles. Our Extrusion Products are widely used in lighting, furniture, construction, automobiles, communication, electronics, machinery, sanitary ware, sporting goods, and other industries. Our company is proficient in the extrusion of plastic profiles such as PC, PMMA, PVC, ABS, PP, PE, and PS.

Our products can be divided into two categories, namely optoelectronics and special-shaped profiles products. Among them, the main optoelectronic products are PC frosted lampshade, PC transparent lampshade, PC diffusion lampshade, PC extruded lens, T5 two-color bracket, T8 two-color tube, T10 two-color tube, three-proof lamp two-color bracket, cabinet light two-color bracket, PC extruded Large lampshade, linear lampshade, blue light filter lampshade; PMMA matte lampshade, PMMA transparent lampshade, PMMA diffusion lampshade PMMA extruded lenses, PMMA extruded lampshade, PS extruded lampshade, etc.

The main products of profiled materials are plastic construction enclosures, PVC shelf signs, PVC soft and rigid co-extrusion price tags, screen window edge banding, frame edge banding, various specifications of square tubes, round tubes, etc. All materials are imported from Germany, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Taiwan, etc., and SGS, MSDS, UL related material test reports can be provided.

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