H.D.Plastics is a leading manufacturer in the plastic extrusion industry with the new product development due to the increase in the market share. Nowadays the Acrylic (PMMA )extruded lenses by extruded processing are mostly used in LED lighting and LED transparent Boards.


Why Acrylic (PMMA )extruded lenses are so popular?

PMMA, called acrylic is a type of Plexiglass with its own unique characteristics.PMMA EXTRUDED LENSES

1. High transparency. PMMA extruded lens is considered to be the best polymer transparent material. Since the light transmittance reaches 92%, which is higher than that of glass. Generally, glass can only transmit 0.6% of ultraviolet rays, but PMMA extruded lenses can transmit 73%.

2. High mechanical strength. The relative molecular content of PMMA extruded lenses is about 2 million. It is a long-chain polymer compound with soft molecular forming chains. Therefore, PMMA extruded lenses have higher strength, and their resistance to stretching and impact is better than ordinary material. The glass is 7 to 18 times higher. There is a PMMA extruded lens processed by heating and stretching, in which the molecular segments are orderly placed, which significantly improves the resistance effects. Nailed into this PMMA extruded lens, even if the nail penetrated, no crack occurred in the PMMA extruded lens. Additionally, this PMMA extruded lens will not break into pieces after being penetrated by a bullet. Therefore, the stretched PMMA extruded lens can be used as bulletproof glass and also as a cockpit cover on military aircraft.

3. Lightweight. The density of the PMMA extruded lens is 1.18kg / dm3, it is just half of the ordinary glass and 43% of metal aluminum (attributable to light metals).

4. Easy to process. PMMA extruded plastic lenses can not only be cut with a lathe, drilled with a drill, and can be bonded into various shapes with acetone, chloroform, etc., but also can be processed into large shapes by plastic molding methods such as blow molding, injection, and extrusion. From the aircraft canopy to as small as a variety of finished products such as dentures and trays.

H.D.Plastics can support customers to develop any customized Acrylic (PMMA )extruded lenses or PC  extruded lenses with wide industrial experience. Please send us an inquiry to hdplastics@coextrudedplastics.com. The CAD drawing is required before the quotation.