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Nowadays, the materials widely used in the production of extruded lenses are optical grade PMMA and PC thermal plastics.

These two plastic material is very similar. They can be used in the LED lighting lenses in some areas, However, there is a certain difference in physical properties. Here is a general analysis.

PMMA extrusion lens

PMMA commonly known as acrylic is a chemical material. The chemical name is polymethacrylate, and the raw materials used in the application of professional acrylic generally appear in the form of particles, plates, and pipes. Acrylic also is a substitute for plexiglass. The lightbox lens made of acrylic has the characteristics of good lighting transmission, high strength; high transparency; Optional polished, coordinating day and night together, and long service life.

The following are some characteristics of PMMA.

PMMA Extruded lense

1. Excellent transparency: colorless transparent plexiglass, lighting transmittance of more than 92% (up to 95% of high-grade imported materials)

2. Excellent weather resistance: strong adaptability to the natural environment, even if it is exposed to sunlight and wind for a long time It will not change its function even in the harsh environment with rain and rain, and it has a good anti-aging function.

3. Outstanding processing function: easy thermoforming and convenient design.

4. Non-toxic harmless even if it is in contact with people for a long time, but formaldehyde or carbon- monoxide will be generated when the combustion is incomplete。

PC material: polycarbonate as the main component, it shows that the PC material is resistant to neutral oil, strong acid, durable, not Alkali-resistance.  it is necessary to add  UV coating. But high temperature- resistance, together with high transparency, light-weight, impact & sound resistance, heat insulation, flame retardant, anti-aging, and other characteristics make it a high-tech, extremely inductive function, energy-saving environmentally friendly materials.

The following are some characteristics of the PC diffuser lampshade.

1.Strong Impact resistance: its impact force can reach up to 3kg / cm, the specific gravity is 1.34g / cm, which is 200 times that of ordinary glass, 8 times stronger than PMMA.

2. Transparency: excellent lighting exposure, light transmittance up to 75 ~ 89%, and its transparency can be comparable to ordinary glass.

3. Weather resistance: Adding UV agent (anti-ultraviolet) to the surface can absorb ultraviolet rays and convert them into visible light. Outdoors application can be guaranteed for ten years without fading.

4. Flame resistance: The material itself is not self-igniting and self-extinguishing property.

5. Both Heat and cold resistance: generally within the test range of minus 30 ℃ to 120 ℃ without deformation.

Plastic extrusions are chosen for their various qualities, like how they react or do not react to certain chemicals or their level of transparency

Our engineering team has acquired quite a lot of the material knowledge to recommend the most suitable thermal plastics even with some tested compounding material to suit the function of your customized plastic extruded lense.

Tailor-made for your personalized plastic extrusion projects from complicated to simple high volume designs from design to delivery.  So H.D.Plastics- you can count on us to make you the ideal plastic extrusion lense products.