Plastic profiles are extruded plastic products with a non-circular cross-section. Except for round, square, and plate profiles, there are also corrugated, grooved, and T-shaped profiles by the extrusion process. The plastic profile is made mainly by thermal plastic which is widely used in construction and decoration industries.

There are two types of plastic profiles, one is all-plastic profiles, and the other refers to composite profiles obtained by compounding plastic materials and non-plastic materials.

How to classify the plastic profiles?

1. According to the degree of hardness of plastic profile, it can be divided into the soft profile and rigid profile. According to the classification of plastics, it can be divided into PVC profiles, ABS profiles, PE profiles, etc., most of them are PVC profiles with a wide array of applications such as outdoor and building construction.

2. According to the cross-sectional characteristics of plastic profiles, it can be divided into 7 categories: profiled pipes, hollow profiles, plug-shaped profiles, open profiles, section profiles, mosaic profiles, solid profiles.

H.D. Plastics Extrusion Capabilities

Plastics Extrusion Capabilities

  1. In-house extrusion dies designing and building to save the cost.
  2. Full in-house extrusion with 15 extruders which can extrude big and complex plastic profile
  3. Secondary machining service such as hole-drilling, surface electro-plating, Painting…
  4. Shipment arrangement

The most common profiles we can extrude including below:

  • PMMA Lens
  • Lighting lampshade profiles
  • Wall & Corner Guards
  • Plastic channels
  • Trims
  • Vehicle door seals
  • Furniture edges
  • Custom size tubes
  • Electrical insulator channels
  • Edge protectors
  • Window frames
  • Weatherstripping

With much experience in PVC, ABS Plastic extrusions, we can provide customers with both simple and complex shaped profiles designed by yourself or as your specifications, and also according to your detailed requirement to make the CAD drawings.

Welcome to discuss with us about your new plastic project. Our talented engineers will cooperate with you from the beginning of mass production.