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The low-pressure extrusion process is an encapsulation process in which hot-melt materials are injected into the plastic profile mold with a very low injection pressure (1.5-40 bar) and quickly solidified (5-50 seconds). The system consists of materials, molds, equipment, and application technology. H.D.Plastics is an integrated engineering and manufacturing solution provider in the plastic extrusion industry, as a custom plastic profile extrusion supplier we can extrude multiple thermal resins available such as ABS, PP, PE, PC, PMMA plastic extrusion profiles, Pipes, and bars.

This extrusion technology is mainly used in the packaging and protection of precision and sensitive electronic components, including printed circuit boards (PCB), automotive electronics, mobile phone battery housing, wiring harnesses, waterproof connectors, sensors, micro switches, inductors, antennas, loop cables, and many more.

What are the advantages of the specific low-pressure plastic profile extrusion processing

First. Improve the performance of the PVC extruded plastic profile. it can add its function in waterproof sealing, insulation and flame retardant, high and low-temperature resistance;

1) Excellent encapsulation protection function;

2) Very low injection pressure, no damage to components, and extremely low defective rate;

Second. Shorten product development cycle and greatly improve production efficiency

1) The forming mold can be cast aluminum mold, which is very easy to design, develop, and process. This can shorten the development cycle;
2) The curing process cycle is shortened from the previous 24 hours to within 5-50 seconds;

Third, reduce the total cost of production
1) Significantly reduce the number of packaging materials;
2) No oven is needed for curing, saving energy consumption;
3) Lower cost aluminum mold can be used instead of steel mold;
4) Eliminate the potting shell and water cooling system for the potting process;
5) Due to the low pressure and low temperature, it can greatly reduce the rejection rate of finished products and avoid unnecessary waste;
6) Save the shelf, space, time, and labor cost required for heating and curing equipment and procedures after potting or natural drying.


Dongguan HD Plastic Products is a premier plastic profile extrusion supplier. The main products are PVC extrusion, various ABS, PP, PE, PC, PMMA plastic extrusion profiles, Pipes and bars, PC lampshades, wire ducts, PVC soft rubber strips, two-color co-extrusion, extrusion molds, etc.

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