H.D.- Plastic Extrusion Dies Technology support the highest standards of your custom extruded plastic profiles

Plastic profile extrusion technology contains three interrelated key technology systems: raw material formulation design and mixing technology, extrusion equipment technology, extrusion die technology. These three technology systems are organically combined together to form the core of plastic profile extrusion technology. In the last article, we talked about the first 2 systems, and today we will talk about the extrusion die technology.

The extrusion die is the key factor that determines the surface quality and extrusion yield of profile products. The main role is to ensure that the plastic melt gets the required cross-sectional shape. At the same time, the extrusion equipment reaches its maximum potential and is stable for high yield production.

H.D. Plastics’ in-house tooling capabilities give your custom plastic extrusion a distinct advantage by allowing you design flexibility, shorter sample lead times. It’s also essential for maintaining high-quality standards throughout the whole extruding process.

Therefore, the extrusion dies technology system is one of the most important extrusion technology systems. Otherwise, it is impossible to extrude a high-quality plastic profile.

Our extrusion dies technician follow the below points during the mold design preparation.

  • 1. According to the general output of extrusion equipment to determine the die cross-section size – die specifications.
  • 2. After determining the cross-sectional specifications of the die, the length of the shaping die L should be calculated carefully, and the general profile should be calculated according to a certain formula. The approximate length of the shaping die can be decided after determining the suitable traction speed. It should be ensured that the mold has enough shaping and cooling length, which is conducive to the potential of the equipment.
  • 3. Mould cooling and vacuum port should be designed reasonably and evenly to facilitate efficient cooling without cold shock stress.  Generally, the design has different characteristics according to the cross-sectional structure of the products. but the overall requirement should be to keep the solid parts of the profile to get uniform and sufficient cooling at the same time.
  • 4. The size of the die should be matched with the shaping table, and the heating piece should not affect the adjustment of the die installation. When different specification dies are applied on the same extrusion equipment, it should be ensured that the connection method is consistent and easy to install and adjust the operation.
  • 5. There should be a corresponding temperature jack and pressure jack on the head die and the position is suitable.
  • 6. Pay attention to the complete matching of the mold and equipment, not only the performance but also the visual effect is integrated.

Extrusion die design is a very high professional technical job. so here we do not discuss the specific design principles of extrusion dies, but only the die selection points as above.

L shaped PVC profile extrusion
plastic extrusion profile
clear plastic acrylic bing

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