Plastic Extrusion tooling gives the final product

As we discussed in the last chapter, there are many factors that can result in the quality failure of Extrusion. But here we would like to tell you that the most important is the tooling design and construction prior to the Extrusion Process. Since the die gives the final product.

In H.D.Plastics, we have in-house tooling design capability with a team of 10 years experience, which means cost lower than that out-source subcontractor. It is an obvious advantage that helps us win the market. Hence we accumulated rich experience in this field.

plastic extrusion tooling

Here we take 3 points:

1. The profile extrusion dies must be designed effectively and precisely. In that way, the molten plastic evenly flows from a cylindrical profile to the profile shape of the product required. Uneven flow at this stage would produce the product with unwanted stresses at certain points in the profile. These stresses can cause warping upon cooling. Almost any imaginable shape can be created so long as it is a continuous profile. The product must now be cooled and this is usually achieved by pulling the extruded profile through a water cooling bath.

2.  The quality of the mold surface directly affects the brightness of the profile. After the hot parison enters the shaping mold, it will be shaped as a product by vacuum adsorption and cooling. Due to the effect of vacuum adsorption, the surface of the parison will move against the surface of the mold within the mold. If the polishing effect of the mold is not good, it will surely cause a decline in the profile.

3. In addition, if it is improperly maintained or the material is corroded, it will also cause a decrease in the finish, which will definitely affect the surface quality of the profile. Therefore, the quality of the mold surface is also an important factor that affects the surface brightness of the profile.

To achieve high-quality PVC plastic profiles, the first step is to make sure the precision of the extrusion mold. Except for the surface treatment of the mold, we are also quite a specialist in mold design. Mold design is made by our technical director with 10 years of industry experience

We are passionate about plastic extrusion manufacturing, to pursue the perfection of every detail from tool design, construction, prototypes to high volume production. Quality is our ultimate goal.

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