Plastic extrusion pipes are actually a type of extruded products. The plastic round pipe has the characteristics of low flow friction, good impact resistance, good corrosion resistance, and strong mechanical strength. It is an ideal material for plumbing, sewage, and emptying pipes of sanitary ware systems. H.D.Plastics’ plastic round pipes are extruded with high-performance characteristics and wide application.

The characteristics of plastic extrusion pipe

(1) Low density and lightweight.

(2) It has high impact resistance and surface hardness, and can still maintain toughness, firmness, and rigidity in the range of -40-100°C.

(3) Good chemical resistance and high tensile strength.

(4)  Smooth surface with excellent anti-deposition, and can maintain heat, does not solidify the oil, slagging, and blocking the pipeline.

(5) When subjected to high yield stress, it can return to its original size without damage.

(6) It has high toughness and thermal insulation performance, which can avoid damage due to transportation and handling in severely cold weather.

(7) It has better thermal stability than PVC pipes and PE pipes and can be used as extrusion pipes with higher working temperatures.

What is the Application of plastic round pipes?

The type of plastic round pipes The application scope
1. The general grade plastic pipes (including various impact grades) The anti-impact plastic extrusion pipes are widely used in making gears, bearings, handles, machine housings and parts, various instruments, computers, radio cassettes, televisions, telephones, and other housings and toys
2. The flame-retardant grade plastic pipes The flame retardant extruded plastic pipes are used in the manufacture of electronic components, such as computer terminals, machine casings, and various household appliances.
3. The structural foaming grade plastic pipes The structural foaming round plastic pipes can be used to manufacture covers for electronic devices, etc.
4. The heat-resistant grade plastic pipes The heat-resistant extrusion round pipe is used to manufacture automation instruments and motor casings in power plants.
5. The Electroplating grade plastic pipes Electroplating grade pipes are used to manufacture auto parts, various knobs, nameplates, decorations, and daily necessities.

Multiple engineering thermal plastics can be extruded into custom-built plastic tubing or round plastic pipes.

 H.D.Plastic Products specializes in the production of extruded plastic profiles and round or square plastic extrusion pipes. We can customize and process a variety of plastic extrusion products with drawings and samples.