How to Solve the Poor Plasticization of PVC extruded profiles and Channels?

We recently received a case from a British customer for Extruded PVC transparent profiles with 5000 meters, which was previously purchased in Europe, but there was a problem of poor plasticization. Our engineer analyzes this problem and gets some ideas on this problem.

1. Increase the barrel temperature during the plastic extrusion process.

An extrusion barrel in such a process usually consists of several temperature zones controlled by many electrical heaters with appropriate power specifications that influence each other.

The extrusion system consists of three heating stages. The first is a barrel zone that has eight heaters and uses a ceramic heater. The second one is the adapter zone, placed next to the barrel zone with a single heater. The last heating stage is the die zone and uses six aspects of heaters. So with appropriate barrel temperature, the PVC plastic polymer can be extruded out with better quality. This is a very important process and skill in extruding the manufacturing process.

2. In the case of low melting pressure and the poor plasticization of the material, firstly we should consider appropriately reducing the PVC lubricant additives, increasing the barrel temperature or extrusion speed, and depending on the adjustment effect, then consider whether to increase processing aids.

3. when the melting pressure is high and the material is “over plasticized”, the appropriate amount of processing aids, we can try to reduce the barrel temperature or extrusion speed firstly. Depending on the adjustment effect, whether to increase Lubricant or PVC heat stabilizer.

The above methods to improve the quality of plastic extrusion processing effectively improve the problems of PVC Extruded transparent plastic products. Providing customers with high-quality plastic extrusion solutions is the core value of the H.D.Plastics that we have been pursuing.

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