plastic extrusion products

Today we will analyze the color impurity caused by the extrusion die problem in the production of plastic extrusion products.

If there is oil remaining in the mold, mold release agent, or dirt from the friction between the ejector pin and the pinhole are mixed into the melt port. In that way, it will result in poor mold exhaust and uneven mold cooling. which will cause the surface of the plastic profile to change color. Therefore, the mold cavity should be clean before plastic profile extrusion processing to make sure the finished part is the perfect color.

In order to reduce the impact of poor exhaust, the clamping force can be appropriately reduced, or the gate can be repositioned, and the exhaust hole should be set at the final filling position.

Since the mold temperature has a greater influence on the crystallinity when the melt is solidified, the mold should be cooled uniformly. For example, when molding polyamide and other crystalline plastics with plastic profiles, if the mold temperature is low, the melt will crystallize slowly, and the surface of the plastic part will be transparent; if the mold temperature is high, the melt will crystallize faster, and the plastic profile will become half Transparent or milky white. In this regard, the surface color of plastic parts can be controlled by adjusting the mold and melt temperature.

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