Dongguan H.D. Plastics is specialized in the production of extruded plastic profiles. We can customize and extrude a variety of plastic extrusion products by extrusion engineering such as PVC profiles, ABS profiles, pp profiles, plastic corners, and PC lampshades. Plastic profiles and other profiles. We have our own mold room with various types of profile production and design solutions.

We all know that in the process of manufacturing, storage, and use of plastic profiles, under the action of light, heat, and oxygen, aging phenomena such as fading, embrittlement, and cracking will occur. In order to delay and prevent the occurrence of aging, stabilizers must be added.

For making the most of PVC plastic extrusion products, we add different types of stabilizers to optimize product performance.

PVC plastic extrusion products

The purpose of adding stabilizers to polyvinyl chloride resin is to prevent or alleviate the decomposition of this resinPVC plastic extrusion product during high-temperature plasticization, and during the use of the product after extrusion, the light and oxygen in the environment will exert some chemical changes and alter the performance of the total product, shorten the service life of the product; in addition, adding this stabilizer before the resin processing will also reduce the difficulty of processing the molded product of the PVC resin.

The stabilizer should have the following functions:

(1) It can suppress or prevent resin degradation and prolong the service life of products.

(2) It can absorb ultraviolet rays or shield the damage of ultraviolet rays to the resin.

(3) It has a certain anti-oxidation effect and prevents the degradation of plastic products from discoloration.

(4) When added to the mixture mainly made of PVC resin, it should not chemically react with other additives and does not affect the performance of the product.

(5) Stabilizers are classified according to their functions and can be divided into heat stabilizers, antioxidants, and light stabilizers

We will choose the proper stabilizer to optimize the PVC trim channel.