How the PC Extrusion Profiles be Used for Led Lighting Cover?

LED lighting is gradually accepted by the market, the problem of lighting lampshades has always troubled the lamp manufacturers. It is necessary to have a high light transmittance as a prerequisite and at the same time with a considerable light diffusion rate and good light source concealment.

Initially, glass was used as the lampshade, but the glass was fragile, and the expensive transportation with a big loss. and it was difficult to meet the requirements of international trade. Later, it was gradually developed to use resin to replace the glass. However, if the only transparent resin is used as the lampshade, although the light transmittance is high, which can basically reach more than 90%, the light diffusion effect is not ideal with poor concealment of the light source. White resin, whose light transmittance is too low, seriously affects the lighting effect of the lamp lighting.

PC profile lampshade has achieved by scientifically adding light-diffusing additives in PC particles during the production process.

Its function is to refract, reflect, and scatter optical effects when it encounters diffuse particles when the light is emitted from the inside to the outside so that the light passes through the lampshade efficiently, uniformly, and softly without revealing the light source.

Therefore, the light diffusion technology can avoid the uneven thickness caused by the blow molding process, and can better meet the needs of the LED lighting market.

In addition to PC lampshade extrusion, there are many practical plastic materials such as: PVC extruded profiles, plastic strips, ABS plastic profiles, etc.