PC lampshade is mainly used as a lampshade cover accessory for LED lights. The main function is to better gather the LED light, make the light more concentrated and soft. So as to avoid direct glare of the LED light. There are several types of lampshades in the LED industry, including PC lighting diffuser lampshades, PMMA lampshades, PVC lampshades, glass lampshades, etc. which can be made of many materials. Now let’s talk about the problems that should be paid attention to when using PC lampshades?

PC LED lighting diffuser lampshades

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1. When the product is used repeatedly, the molecules Inside will undergo fission under the constant contact of high-temperature. The molecular chain will be broken and split. The PC diffuser lampshade cover becomes brittle due to the high molecular material changed to low molecular.

2.  Especially pay attention to the influence of the environment during use. Such as acid-base environment, strong ultraviolet rays, high and low temperatures. When choosing a PC lighting diffuser lampshades, it must have good light permeability, otherwise, the luminous flux will be lost.

3. The longevity is also related to the PC transparent lampshade cover design size, extrusion dies design also the demolding stress during PC lampshade extrusion processing, and the external stress during assembly.

Therefore, when starting to produce a PC lampshade profile, customers should fully understand the material, structure, high temperature, and low-temperature resistance, etc.,  then you can find a PC lampshade suitable for long-term use.

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