H.D.Plastics have 10 years of experience of extruding polycarbonate extrusions, such as frosted polycarbonate lenses and diffused polycarbonate lenses, PC lampshade profile cover for LED light fixtures in all shapes and sizes.

Polycarbonate extrusion profile lampshade covers are available with round,semi-round,D-shaped,mild white,transparent,striped,etc.Length and diameter can be available according to customer’s demands.

During the extrusion manufacturing process, we are often encountered with dimension inaccuracy. There are several factors to be carefully treated in order to improve this issue.

The controlling pressure of the plastic extruding machine is affected by various factors, and it will result in a large fluctuation, which will definitely affect the dimensional accuracy of the extrusion PC profiles.

How does H.D.Plastics handle this problem during the PC lampshade profile cover manufacturing process?

The melting pump is a kind of positive conveying equipment with a high-precision gear gap and volume structure design. If we install a melting pump between the extruder and the die, it can be used to stabilize the pressure fluctuation of the extruder, making linear extrusion possible. Thereby this can improve the dimensional accuracy of plastic extrusion products and increasing the output of the extruder.

How does the melting pump being used to improve the quality of PC lampshade extrusion?

1. It can realize the stable extrusion process to improve the dimensional accuracy of extruded PC lampshade profile products such as polycarbonate extrusion profiles. Also, this can reduce the defective rate of production. During the extrusion process, it is inevitable for such situations such as uneven feeding of materials, fluctuations in the barrel and head temperature, and pulsation of screw speed. The use of a melt gear pump can eliminate the feeding error, greatly reduce the fluctuations transmitted by the upstream process, quickly enter a stable working state. So in this way, it helps to improve the dimensional accuracy of the extruded cover and reduce the rejection rate.

2. To increase productivity and achieve low-temperature extrusion so as to extend the life of the machine. Since the extruder is equipped with a polymer melting pump, the decompression function of the extruder is transferred to a gear pump. The extruder can work at low pressure and temperature with low leakage flow and high output in extruding processing.

PC lampshade profile cover technique

3. With linear extrusion, it is easy to coordinate the upstream and downstream equipment. Because the gear pump has less leakage flow, the pump’s delivery capacity and speed are basically linear. After the speed of the gear pump is changed, its flow rate can be accurately checked out.

H.D.Plastics has more than 10 years of extruding industry experience with sophisticated technical skills, we always adapt to the most updated extrusion technology to use the melting pump to provide our customers with high-quality extrusion profiles.