We, H.D.Plastics, specialize in the R&D and production of PC lampshades with more than 10 years of experience in the plastic extrusion industry.  The benefits of the PC lampshade cover is to gather the light better, so that the light is more concentrated and softer to avoid the direct LED light sting.

It is universally known that different materials will bring different decorative effects.

Cloth shades give a simple and elegant impression. Paper shades can create a hazy and dreamy atmosphere; Metal shades have a cold temperament and a sense of modernity. While drum shades bring a nostalgic mood and PC lampshade for better light-gathering. So that the light is more concentrated and softer to avoid direct LED light harsh eyes.

Milky white lampshade with diffiferent formula

Milky white lampshade is divided into several different surface effects by different formulas.

  • PMMA + color powder
  • Transparent PC + prism
  • Transparent PC + frosting powder
  • Glass + phosphor
  • Transparent PC + light diffuser

1, transparent PMMA with color powder extruded lampshade. The material cost is low, slightly transparent. It is easy to see the light source with low light transmission and non-uniform lighting dispersion.

2, transparent PC +with inner rib extruded LED lighting lampshade with high mechanical strength. The light transmission rate is also very good but will cause light loss. the light will not be soft enough after covering the lamp.

3, transparent PC with frosting powder extruded lampshade. It can cover the lamp beads, so the light transmission rate will be greatly enhanced, but the low haze big light loss. This type of lampshade will reach 40% of the light diffusion.

4, transparent PC with light diffuser extruded lampshade cover: Light diffuser itself has the effect of softening the light. It will make the light softer and makes the appearance very beautiful. The light loss up to 30%.

PC lampshade cover
diffused PC lampshade cover
big profile PC lampshade cover
PC lampshade covers

PC lampshade with diffusion

PC lampshade can be diffused to the LED point light source irradiation area so that its irradiation area is wider and better appearance. in addition, PC lampshade has good electrical insulation and dimensional stability with good impact resistance.

H.D. Plastic Products is a professional manufacturer of plastic extrusion profiles and tubing. We can customize the production of various plastic profiles, such as PC lampshade, PMMA lampshade, PVC lampshade, PE profile, PVC profile, plastic corner protector, HDPE profiles, and so on.