H.D.Plastics offers PA6 Nylon extrusion parts with the customized design used in the Automotive industry, Electronic industry with high superior features. Generally, most customers choose the 30% glass fiber content which is more cost-effective. Today we will explain how to choose the high quality in detail.

First, look at the relative viscosity: theoretically, the higher the viscosity of nylon 6 slices, the higher the strength of the reinforcing material. but the liquidity will deteriorate and may appear overpressure injection phenomenon. Different uses, the relative viscosity of pure material slices are also different.

Second, Depends on the molecular distribution: for nylon 6 spinning, the narrower the molecular distribution, the better the spinnability, the higher the fiber strength. But the reinforced nylon 6 is not the same, the molecular distribution is properly wide mobility. If the distribution is too wide, then it will affect the strength and appearance.

Third, look at the whiteness: the whiter the pure material slices, the better the quality and appearance of reinforced nylon 6, and the higher the performance.

extruded nylon shape

PA 6 Nylong plastic extrusion with high quality raw material source

The genuine PA6 material from the big factory has gone through a strict surface coupling agent treatment, making the strength of the reinforced nylon 6 slices 10%-20% higher than the untreated. The glass fiber diameter is generally between 8-10 microns (80-160 branches). The finer the more stable, the higher the strength of the reinforced slices made, the better the quality, and the consistent appearance of the batch before and after the injection processing parts.

We usually source reinforced PA6 from those big factories. We trust the strict quality management system to guarantee the quality level and product performance we need.

First, depends on the additives formula. A good formula will improve the overall performance of the PA6 reinforced plastic profiles.  During modified nylon production, we will add about 0.5% of antioxidants, plasticizers, lubricants, and other modified additives to reduce the wear and tear of the molding host and improve product performance and stability.

Second, the color of good quality glass fiber reinforced nylon 6 is white with a faint green. The more translucent, the better the quality.  It is as pure as water without impurities. If it is beige, porcelain white, and other colors, indicating that the impurities mixed, it will be very difficult to get the ideal performance of the nylon plastic extrusion.