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LED lighting PC profile lampshade cover manufacturer

The extruded Polycarbonate lampshade cover is mainly used for LED fluorescent lamps. During daily use, various problems will occur, especially the crack phenomenon, which makes many manufacturers in the LED industry very confused.
Below, we analyze the reasons for the crack of the extruded PC  lampshade profile cover and find out how to choose a good quality PC extruded lampshade profile cover.

Why does the PC extrusion lampshade cover crack?

The main reason is that the structure of the PC molecular chain is damaged and the broken molecular chain, which causes the product to crack or the surface to have cracks. There are several factors that affect the molecular structure:

1. When repeatedly used, the product’s molecules will crack under the constant high temperature. The molecular chain will be broken and cleaved. From high molecular substances to low molecular substances, the material becomes brittle.

2, Too much stress caused in 2 aspects. First, the shape of the product itself, the dimensions of the mold itself, and the stress caused by demolding. Second, the molecules will break due to high external stress.

3. Environmental factors. Acid and alkaline environment, strong ultraviolet rays, high and low-temperature effects. So enough protection from environmental protection can improve the life cycle of the Lampshade.

4. Poor material. In order to save costs, many factories use recycled materials or waste materials to refill products. However, when a problem occurs in the product, they will eventually damage themselves. So Choose a good reliable source to use the 100% new material for PC extrusion profiles.

5. Excessive stress. The manufacturer should fully understand the physical parameters of the lampshade cover. So the engineer can understand the characteristic of the product and reduce the risk of excessive stress.

6. Application environment. Understand the environment in which the product is used, and recommend products that are compatible with the environment, such as UV-resistant PC lampshades, chemical-resistant PC lampshades, ultra-tough, and cold-resistant PC lampshade cover, etc.

Now we know the problems that may occur during the design, material use, production, and use of PC lampshades, and we have also found solutions. This will help us choose good LED lampshades and PC lampshades.

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