Customers are becoming more sensitive to the surface quality of the PVC extrusion parts, especially the brightness which can maintain the original brightness even after long years of use. We have years of extrusion industrial experience and conclude 3 ways to improve the surface brightness of PVC-U profile productsWhite rigid PVC T Profile

1. Optimize the formula design to ensure the quality of raw materials

The proportion of stabilizers, material modifiers, and other additives in the formula must ensure good thermal stability and fluidity during PVC extruding processing; the number of lubricants (especially external lubricants) should be reasonable to ensure good plasticization of the material. The quality of raw materials should be strictly controlled. H.D.Plastics purchase the raw material from the big premier manufacturer with complete equipment and stable quality standard. We also carry out the internal inspection after the raw materials incoming

2. Ensure the surface brightness of the extruded product from the aspect of the extrusion die design and extrusion manufacturing

The design of the flow channel of the machine head should ensure that the material flow rate at each section is as consistent as possible. The speed of the inner ribs cannot be much different from the outer wall (generally not more than 15%), and the thickness should not exceed 2/ 2 of the outer wall thickness

3.  The cavity surface of the mold should achieve sufficient accuracy.

The surface roughness is generally above Ra0.2mm, it is recommended to electroplating the surface of the mold; the design of the water and gas path structure of the mold should ensure sufficient and uniform cooling and adsorption The force is sufficient, and a “brightness maintaining plate” can be set at the entrance of the shaping die to improve the brightness of the visible surface of the profile; the design variable of the shaping die should be as close as possible to the rheological state of the material and the production speed.

3. Reasonably adjust the extrusion process to improve the surface brightness of the extruded PVC-U plastic product.

In the actual production process, the temperature, speed, and pressure are adjusted to ensure good plasticization of the material, and on the basis of this, the die temperature is also appropriately increased. If a separate heating zone (generally about 10 mm long) is provided at the exit of the die forming section to control the temperature independently, it will be more beneficial to improve the brightness of the product surface.

Since the brightness of PVC-U profile plastic products is affected by many aspects such as formulations, raw materials, molds, and processes in the extrusion process, in order to obtain better surface brightness of products, it is necessary to integrate the influence of various constraints; through reasonable control in all aspects and ensure that the surface of the product has high brightness and preciseness.

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