Yes, many profiles extruded by H.D. Plastics are designed by our customers. Our technical team will offer

dimensional suggestions as well as the selection of the most suitable raw material to reduce the engineering time and facilitate the project into full success.

Customer can samples to our factory,then we can copy or provide you better solutions. Our technical team will make CAD or 3D file for you after your confirm the order.

Generally, all thermoplastics: rigid, flexible, semi-rigid, and reinforced profiles including biodegradables such as PC,ABS,PP,PE,PVC,PVC…

Yes, we can apply removable protective films on the profiles to protect them from impacts or scratches upon request.

Yes, we can print your brand name, the batch number, the date or other data on the plastic profiles or tubing if you need.

We have the capability to cut, bore, shear, and mill profiles during the extrusion process (inline). We can also perform additional processes (offline) like precise cut to length requirements, or with different degrees of cutting inclinations.

Extrusion is a continuous process and therefore it is possible to cut profiles as per customers’ specifications. At the same time, some profiles and gaskets or sealing profiles made in flexible or semi-rigid materials can be supplied in rolls.

It varies according to the type of profile, for non-stock products, it depends on the profile types, and varies between 1000 and 5000 meters.

Yes, we can supply a range of transparent materials whether rigid or flexible, in various grades of opaque according to customer’s specifications.

A drawing or sketch, a photo or a sample,quantity requested,raw material type (if known) and application features. Our engineers will subsequently contact you for additional information for an exact quote for your project.

Yes, we can make co-extruded profiles, these profiles include two or more different materials that are coupled together. It is possible to join rigid and flexible materials, different colors, as well as materials with different mechanical properties.

step1.Offer drawing or Sent the sample to us.

Step2.Mold making for samples.

Step3.Confirming samples

Step4.Mass production

Step5. Shipment